Jumping in puddles

I was meeting a dear friend. She and her little son were over from Ireland to sort out some stuff as she moved back to her emerald paradise some time ago. There was an impending thunderstorm coming. As I approached the cafe where we were meeting, I could see her leaning towards her beautiful son. … More Jumping in puddles

S’abstenir contre l’extrême-droite est irresponsable

Je déteste les débats. J’ai mon opinion, une opinion parmi plusieurs, que je n’essaie pas d’imposer aux autres. Je déteste devoir m’en justifier, tout comme je n’essaie pas de faire penser mon entourage comme moi. L’une des choses qui me tient à coeur, c’est une certaine conception de la société telle qu’elle devrait être de … More S’abstenir contre l’extrême-droite est irresponsable

How much for a life? Welcome Class, April, 20th, 2017

Don’t let it bring you down That’s the 1971 Neil Young’s classic that resonates in my headphones that morning on my way to school. It’s only castles burning. Taking a step back…Lately I’ve been taking a break from the news so as not to be brought down by the sheer horror of war and/or impending … More How much for a life? Welcome Class, April, 20th, 2017