Wind of change, August 2nd

Today is Earth Overshoot day; we’ll live the rest of the year off resources of an extra 0.7 planet we don’t have.
It’s incredibly sad to see that the Earth we live in, the only planet we have at our disposal, is being exploited by us like parasites.
Nature knows symbiosis – most of us seem to know only of destruction. There seem to be no end to man’s ingenuity when it comes to weapons, greed and exploitation.
Fortunately, there also seem to be no end to man’s resourcefulness to salvage what still can be.
We were gifted with so many things. Emotions. Empathy. Love. With enough intelligence to find solutions to nearly anything. We are gifted with art. With the power to create. Ultimately, this, and only this, faculty of the human beings to be resilient and to survive, is our key towards a serene and beautiful life, lived in symbiosis with Nature and those around us.
Now is not the time to be sad, now is the time for action. It begins by simply becoming aware of what, and who is around us. With awareness comes empathy, our love for others and care about their welfare. From then on, comes the necessary subsequent action. It is not a complicated or unachievable goal, that of bestowing good upon our world. In doing so we cherish our own soul and future, and we secure that of generations to come.
We do have the means not to let people starve and to save endangered species. It is all within our reach. The answer is there, right before us, only obstructed by consumerism and greed. It is within our reach to be the change we wish to see, if we connect our souls in a wave so powerful that it will bring the wind of change and its overpowering effect upon all that ails our world. Each in our own time, each at our own pace. This story, our collective responsibility for this Earth story, has yet to be written and the plot can still unfold in a much brighter way. Be the change.

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