So long, 2016

It has been such a strange year in the world, for everyone. As various social media ask whether we want to remember this or that, giving us the option to share it and aggressively brandishing pictures of our “best moments”, I just thought I would round up my Berliner Diary year by thinking back and selecting my own best or defining moments of 2016, at least those I feel happy to share publicly.

I don’t know where the world is heading but more than ever we need to remember its beauty, as long as it still stands. Diving into the unknown is frightening – yet thrilling as well. Can we still make plans in that context of uncertainty? Or are we better off not asking ourselves anything at all and see where the wind will carry us? As the new year dawns, what I learned over the past twelve months is who I am, and who I want to be. I also found out that the where and when and how just don’t matter, only inner peace does. And everything else falls into the right place. I wish that experience to be lived by everyone. It’s the most beautiful, strongest feeling of them all.

So long, 2016, it has been an interesting ride, and here’s to many more happy moments and beautiful encounters.

“It’s time that we began to laugh, and cry, and cry, and laugh about it all again” (Leonard Cohen…need I say…)

Seeing Turkey in a haze, from Lesvos ©Emmanuelle Chaze – 2016
Copie de IMG_0354
Waiting for the rubber boats, Lesvos © Emmanuelle Chaze – 2016


Maling them smile, always © Emmanuelle Chaze – 2016
Witnessing Brexit © Emmanuelle Chaze – 2016
Discovering France’s shame: Calais ©Emmanuelle Chaze – 2016
Rekindling an old love: Ireland © Emmanuelle Chaze – 2016
Nice, scarred but shining brighter than ever © Emmanuelle Chaze – 2016
That perfect day © Emmanuelle Chaze – 2016
We’ll always have Paris © Emmanuelle Chaze – 2016
Beauty through the rain – Fernsehpuddle © Emmanuelle Chaze – 2016

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