Elsewhere, October 27th

I’m not in Berlin. Or maybe I still am. My friends keep on volunteering, every day, tirelessly. But no, they are tired. Only if they weren’t here, no one else would be. They tell me how it is going: not well. New soldiers arrived. Incomprehension on both sides. I can’t help but reading all the updates they give on social networks. Trains keep on arriving, despite refugees starting to being reconducted to the border this week.
People are coming with less and less clothes on, they’re hungrier than ever. Friends volunteering at the LaGeSo report that the situation is no better there. Since August, nothing has changed.
We keep on asking for more help, to friends, on social networks, in the medias. Not to the government anymore. “They” know what’s happening, besides we don’t have time to write anymore. We need to act, urgently.


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