"Enjoy your day"

Another day by LaGeSo. There aren’t so many kids at the kids corner today, apparently less families have traveled to Berlin this week. The atmosphere is much more relaxed, but hundreds are still waiting for their number to be called. Some people came with music instruments and a group of men are singing together in Arabic. Each day passing, it gets more frustrating to face people I’d like to communicate with and listen to, without understanding them. But right now it’s obvious we’re living a carefree moment, amidst the undescribable chaos that is their everyday life.
It seems less congested than last Friday, however some people have been waiting here for two weeks now. Needless to say, they have been sleeping rough.
A friend of mine comes with his camera. With our small means, we’re trying to publicize what’s going on. We hear more stories. One man came four days ago from a village near Mossoul now in the hands of Daesh. The terrorists killed his brother, and he doesn’t know where his parents are.
Another one is Pakistani. He introduces us to a friend of his. They travelled to Berlin separately and randomly reconnected while queuing at the LaGeSo. They explain that it is far more difficult here for them because papers are only delivered to Syrian refugees. Later, a Syrian explains that Afghans are being better treated than other asylum seekers. At least, the common denominator is that they all feel wronged!
It’s 4pm and a woman comes out of the main administrative building with a speaker. She announces:
“The office is closed now. Tickets A and B, please come back on Tuesday. Go home and enjoy your day.”

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